Name: Shell
Game: ROOT
Series: 1
Card Number: 9 of 11
Description: Not a program, but the command shell to the entire System, Shell acts as mediator between users and programs. It is an important distinction to note that this is not his choice, it is his nature.

The first creation of the Administrator, Shell has over time developed a certain sense of self awareness, and knows everything that happens within the System. As he has observed the Administrator's slow descent into madness his faith in the integrity of the System has dwindled, presumably nearing the point of rebellion against his creator.

Or at least that is the story he presents to Edward Summerton, a hacker whom he expresses an interest in guiding through the System. Whether this is true, or if it is simply a ploy to win Edward's confidence, has yet to be determined.

Regardless of Shell's motives, Edward and the Administrator both have no choice but to interact with him. A human can only interact with the System through the Shell.