Highrise Heroes Word Challenge Card 10
Highrise Heroes Word Challenge Foil 10
Name: Lydia
Game: Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge
Series: 1
Card Number: 10 of 11
Description: Congratulations! You are now reading the résumé of the perfect candidate to head your company's Legal Department.

Widely considered a dynamic, altruistic, energetic, enthusiastic, empathetic, 'people person’, I am confident I will be a perfect fit for your team (despite never having met them).

I have been passionate about law since I was ten months old, and I'm very driven. Some people say that I’m so driven I might as well be a car!

Strong communication skills are essential for any organisation, and I am very persuasive (I got you to read this, didn't I?). I also love using inspiration and motivational buzzwords such as ‘inspirational' and 'motivational'.

I achieved a Highest Honors Degree in Legal Practice, and so in many ways, I am the law. I like to think that I put the law back into lawyer and the soul back into solicitor (because it almost works.)

Forget the other applicants - call me now!