Name: Dom the Janitor
Game: Highrise Heroes: Word Challenge
Series: 1
Card Number: 8 of 11
Description: Dom has worked for Anderson-Okami for thirty-four years, and is the organisation's longest-serving employee. He once foiled an attempted robbery armed only with a mop. Another time, he saved a pregnant lady from a fire in the south elevator shaft. And who could forget about the infamous third floor mens' lavatory flood of 1987?

It has been noted that despite this extensive experience, Dom is no longer the man he used to be. These days, he can generally be found in a maintenance stairwell, leaning on his mop, pontificating to the junior janitors. Nevertheless, due to his extensive knowledge of the building's operation (not to mention the complexities of firing staff who suffer from failing health issues), Dom is considered virtually indispensable.

Prone to nostalgia and poetic wisdom, it is apparent that female employees are particularly influenced by Dom's warmth and charisma.