Deponia Doomsday Card 6
Deponia Doomsday Foil 6
Name: The Elephant / Toni's Mum
Game: Deponia Doomsday
Series: 1
Card Number: 6 of 8
Description: The Elephant: They're real! Pink elephants walk the earth of Deponia. But it takes exceptional skills to even notice them. Especially this specimen, since it's actually a two-men crew clad in the sorry excuse for a radioactively pink camouflage suit. When Rufus is finally able to catch them he discovers that apparently there are even more of these specimen living on Deponia - and one of them looks suspiciously similar to Toni's Mum...

Toni's Mum: Everyone has a mom. Even Toni. There is probably no other lady on Deponia who had to suffer more "Yo Mama" jokes than Toni's Mom. Especially Toni had a hard time insulting the mothers of other kids, since her own mother sets the ugly-bar pretty high. Toni never had it easy, but her mother's obesity and several confusing occasions praising her outstanding performance as an elephant-impersonator overshadowed Toni's inconveniences. She developed a pretty thick skin against insults and chose a confident, extravagant clothing-style. You may see her from time to time in a dream made of shrill pink, strolling down the streets of Kuvaq, leaving a trail of dinosaur footprints in her wake.