Deponia Doomsday Card 1
Deponia Doomsday Foil 1
Name: Future Goal / No-Future Goal
Game: Deponia Doomsday
Series: 1
Card Number: 1 of 8
Description: Future Goal: After Rufus' fatal leap times were hard for Goal. She not only suffered the loss of Rufus, but also had to see Elysium crash and burn. Her world offers nothing worth fighting for anymore, so she has nothing left to lose. When she came across someone who could change the past, she went all-in to get another shot at saving Rufus.

No-Future Goal: If you thought Future Goal was hard-boiled, this lady will show you the true meaning of the word. She's seen it all, been through it all. She has stranded in the time bubble long ago and when the first people started coming through the portals, she built Paradox City from the surrounding junk. She doesn't believe in a good future anymore, since there is literally no future in this place.